After an extreme misfortune to the Plunderers, the Mustangs hope to return rapidly in a "Thursday Night Football" matchup with the Indianapolis Yearlings.

To set you up for the major event, we've gathered together scores and spilled NFL experts' expectations.

Both striving veteran quarterbacks had their most impressive showings of the time in losing endeavors in Week 4.

The thing that matters is Russell Wilson has better recipients, a superior guard, a more durable hostile line.

The Yearlings were battling to run the ball with Jonathan Taylor, so there isn't a lot of expectation for them with him out of the setup.

The Yearlings have battled in numerous ways this season, going 1-2-1 with the intensity on the training staff and front office.

Running back Jonathan Taylor's wellbeing has seen this one convey, however he hasn't been as compelling.

The Horses played well on guard, however their offense battled.

At home, in brief time frame, Russell Wilson will figure out how to win it

The Horses dropped an extreme game to the Pillagers in Week 5.