A year and five days later the Weapons Store beat Spikes 3-1 at the Emirates Arena.

The two groups are in a remarkably unique situation as they plan for the premier north London derby of the 2022/23 season.

The neighbors had lost three of their opening six matches during that time.

The Spikes remain undefeated in another game during this period

Also, the heavy armament specialists beat Brentford 3-0 on 18 September to win their 6th of seven in style.

An early win on Matchday 8 would guarantee top position for both sides.

Although a Spikes victory took the reigning champions Manchester City into Manchester City the following day.

From that goal we got a thrilling moment that would give them a chance to go through with victory.

Products compromised on the opposite end, then, at that point, Jesus had a few stepover plays.

And a penalty was required for going down inside the penalty area.