The report revealed that 84% of employers currently say that offering financial health devices can help reduce worker volatility.

And 81% said that healthy appliances help draw in top reps

This is significant for bosses, as 46% saw an expansion of attrition over the past year.

Furthermore, nearly one in three delegates had changed positions or considered changing positions in the previous year.

The report likewise investigated the impact of the ongoing fiscal and inflationary climate on workers' financial well-being.

revealed that 62% of delegates are frustrated with their funding.

Also, 80% of workers are worried about expansion, and 71% think the general cost of most everyday things is more than their compensation or salary increase.

This is affecting the representatives' general sense of financial well-being.

Among the level of representatives feeling better financially than pre-pandemic levels in February 2022 (57% vs. 55% in 2019), the rate fell to a 5-year low of 44% in July 2022.

Lorna Sabia, head of retirement and personally invested finance at Bank of America, said.