Billie Eilish is apparently dating local singer Jessie Rutherford, and why are her legions of fans - once oddly known as "Avocados" - upset?

In fact, it seems their age difference (11 years) and the way they got to know each other.

The fact that Eilish was only young is enough evidence to suggest that Rutherford is a terrible man.

This week, the 20-year-old Grammy-champ was spotted kissing Rutherford outside a Studio City eatery before pulling away together in Rutherford's Volkswagen Creepy Crawler, 31.

According to Page Six, it wasn't even the pair's most memorable date.

Last Friday, Eilish and Rutherford were spotted holding hands at All Inclusive Studios' Halloween Lathsomeness Evenings.

Gradually, I found out how Rutherford managed to flog a Volkswagen Scarab.

Yet that's not the kind of thing that hilsa lovers are made to argue about online.

Billie Eilish can't legally drink," one fan tweeted

Actually, at any rate, there are photos of those two from 2017. That's Hollywood, people!