Fortnite servers shut down right on time before the 22.10 update.

We realize that each Thursday, Fortnite gets a week by week revive.

In some cases, Amazing Games refreshes Fortnite in practically no time.

These updates can contain anything from mistake code fixes to new weapons and skins.

This time, the Fortnite 22.10 update has been closed down ahead of schedule.

As indicated by the Fortnite status on Twitter, the Fortnite servers are as of now down for the 22.10 update.

Evidently, there has been an issue that needs some extra figuring out before we can encounter Fortnite update 22.10 on October 4, 2022.

Normally, Fortnite servers go down around 1:00 am PT before an update.

This time, it's unique. While we don't know precisely why server support began, we can think about why.

Fortnite update 22.10 will present to us Bytes' Dim Deal Missions.