At the point when you consider tacos, the main thing that strikes a chord is a firm corn shell loaded up with prepared ground meat.

Strings of radiant yellow cheddar and destroyed lettuce, then now is the ideal time to think past emoticons.

October 4 is Public Taco Day, however any day in October (or any month, truly) is an ideal chance to plunge into the different universe of tacos.

At the point when I lived in Mexico, I understood that there was this word taquera

And that implies making a few tacos or taking tacos some place.

says Leslie Tellez, New York-based essayist and writer of "Eat Mexico."

"It's not only something actual, it's an approach to eating something," he added.

Observe Public Taco Day with these conventional and upscale recipes, composed by Casey Stylist

Assuming you have tortillas, you're as of now most of the way to making tacos.

Lord Arthur Baking has a few recipes utilizing various kinds of flour.