This is how Snowstorm is managing smurfs and poisonous players in Overwatch 2.

 More insights concerning that have been uncovered while giving new players a smooth entrance to the game.

Overall I think the changes are strong all around.

The onboarding system for new players appears to be an extreme method for sliding them into the confusion.

Necessity to connect a cell phone number to your account.

Could unsettle a few players' otherwise calm disposition, however, particularly those with alt represents different reasons.

You should figure out how to get an alternate telephone number for every Alt account.

Maybe you have an extremely kind flat mate or relative who might be glad to loan you their number.

If not, you can not convey beauty care products, progress, accomplishments and Overwatch Association tokens to your auxiliary record.

I talked with the Overwatch designers about the Safeguard Lattice drive.