We've admire Yuka Mori's phenomenal Pokemon TCG card specials of late and her flawless mud models shot in nature.

However, it would be a crime to stop there, and remember that every craftsman is getting away with recognizing the merits of the card.

Our consideration is next drawn to Asako Ito and her 3D knit Pokemon. Because they are amazingly loving.

In recent years, the Pokémon TCG has added all kinds of embellishments.

Which includes always unique cards including alt-workmanship full-crafting, mentor exhibition and more.

This certainly made the cards much more impressive to collect.

Which is definitely more than a holo sheen.

Nevertheless, it was likewise a sign of making "standard" cards feel undeniably more dispensable.

Moreover, this is a shame, when such a large number of cards can be as fantastic as the cards created by Asako Ito.

Here is each and every one of Asako Ito's brilliant hand-made Pokémon manifestations.