Former Hawaii Rep. Tulsi Gabbard has reported that she is leaving the left-wing party.

Calling it "the elite secret of the militarists", and calling for others to depart with "the unacknowledged good judgment of liberals".

I can no longer be part of the current progressive party that is currently under the unfettered authority of war hawks driven by absolute progressivism.

Those who racialize every issue that divides us and stokes the enemy of white bigotry.

Inherent opportunities, effectively working to sabotage us, are unfriendly to self-confident individuals.

And other worldliness, undermining the police and protecting crooks to the detriment of honest Americans.

Believing in open borders, arming the public security state to persecute political opponents, or more.

Takes us closer and closer to nuclear conflict," Gabbard said on Twitter.

Gabbard served in Hawaii's second legislature from 2013 to 2021 as a liberal, and in 2020 she mounted an unsuccessful bid for the party's official election.

In a video presented on Twitter on Tuesday, he guaranteed that the party he was leaving represented "strong global standards", not individuals.