A teacher was shot and killed in a structure on the College of Arizona grounds on Oct. 5 and a suspect is in guardianship, police said.

The casualty was Dr. Thomas Meixner, a teacher and top of the college's Branch of Hydrological and Barometrical Sciences.

College of Arizona President Robert C. Robbins said in a proclamation.

This occurrence is a significant shock to our local area, and it is a misfortune," Robbins said in the proclamation.

I have no words that can fix it.

Be that as it may, I lament with you for the misfortune, and Please accept my apologies for Tom's relatives, partners and understudies."

College Police Boss Paula Balafas recognized the suspect as Murad Darbesh, 46, at a public interview on Oct. 5.

John W. A man in the Hershberger building called police in no time before 2 p.m.

nearby opportunity to report that a previous understudy was in the structure who was not permitted in the vicinity, Balafas said.

The representative needed the man out of the structure, however shots were discharged before police showed up, Balafus said.